14 January 2019

Slave Trade Legacies: A Young People’s project

Earlier this year, we partnered with seven young people aged 17-24 to research Bristol’s involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, reflect on what the legacies of the trade mean for them, and worked with 8th Sense Media to create short films for display at M Shed.

You are welcome to join us for a screening of the short films and meet the participants to hear about the project.

‘Beyond Colston’
When it comes to Bristol’s involvement in the slave trade, Edward Colston is a well-known figure for discussion. But there are many connections to slavery in the city other than Colston….

‘Wills Tobacco Company and the Legacy for Working Class Bristolians’
Many Bristolians have connections to Wills Tobacco Company, how is this a legacy of the slave trade?

Behind the Scenes
What impact did the project have for the participants? Interviews and behind the scenes footage from the young people, M Shed staff and facilitators.