5 May 2016

Ships and Sailors for home educators

In 1675 the Bristol Merchant sailed for Smyrna in Turkey. Find out more about the ill-fated voyage using drama, objects, maps and images in this workshop for Home Educators.

• Suitable for: Year 1 – 3
• Duration: 1 hour workshop, 45 minute parent-led gallery activities in M Shed
• Group size: Up to 25 children

Children will learn about the everyday life of a 17th century sailor on board the Bristol ship Bristol Merchant and consider some of the dangers of trading overseas in the 17th century including piracy. There will be opportunities to handle and study objects, documents and images related to life on board a 17th century merchant ship.

£5 per child – please book in advance.

If you are a parent or guardian that needs to attend the workshop with your child, please contact the Learning Team.