28 July 2019

Real Bronzio human table football

Fancy a spot of table football? What about human table football?!

We’re setting up an inflatable football pitch on Museum Square and inviting teams from across the city to enter our championship league!

Teams of five or six will compete against each other to score as many goals as possible BUT you can only move from side-to-side and you must stay attached to your teammates by holding onto a pole!

Our eagle-eyed referee will be looking out for foul play so keep it clean! Perfect for families and groups of friends who love a bit of competition.

It’s quite possibly the silliest thing you will ever do! 

Players and spectators who turn up in fancy dress or football kit will get half price entry into Animating Early Man on the day.

There is no age restriction but players must meet the minimum height requirement of 5’4”. No high heels, flip-flops or sandals. No glass spectacles.

Time slots

  • 10.30am – 10.50am
  • 10.50am – 11.10am
  • 11.10am – 11.30am
  • 11.40am – 12pm
  • 12pm – 12.20pm
  • 12.20pm – 1pm
  • 1.30pm – 1.50pm
  • 1.50pm – 2.10pm
  • 2.10pm – 2.30pm
  • 2.30pm – 2.50pm
  • 3pm – 3.20pm
  • 3.20pm – 3.40pm
  • 3.40pm – 4pm

Please call M Shed on 0117 352 6600 to book.

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