12 October 2019

Radical History Festival

M Shed and Bristol Radical History Group are excited to host a day of talks, walks, performance and stalls.

Again, we will reveal hidden histories, debate and agitate. This year we will be focusing on two main themes:

  • 1919: Year of Revolutions
  • Green history: From 18th century roots to Extinction Rebellion

Expect walks, films, singing, a performance space with a puppet show, storytelling and poetry, and an exhibition space, as well as stalls with books and merchandise from local and national groups.

1919: Year of Revolutions

The aftermath of the First World War was one of the most revolutionary moments in the 20th century. Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, there were uprisings across Europe and beyond including Germany, Hungary, Egypt and Mexico.

In Ireland, 1919 would witness the establishment of a separatist parliament in Dublin, an escalation of guerrilla warfare and the establishment of a ‘soviet’ in opposition to British rule.

In Britain, these were tumultuous times as thousands of rebellious troops returned from the front-line demanding immediate demobilisation. All the while, mass strikes broke out on the railways and amongst miners and engineers threatened a syndicalist takeover. We look at what happened, what was at stake and the legacy of the ‘Year of Revolutions’ in Bristol, Britain and Ireland.

Green history: From 18th century roots to Extinction Rebellion

How can green history inform present-day debates? During the resurgence of environmental concern from Extinction Rebellion, Youth Strike 4 Climate and Earth Strike – what can we learn from the past?

From origins of ‘green’ awareness during the Romantic era through to first-hand accounts from those who took part in late 20th century activism and Black2Nature, who campaign for inclusion and ethnic diversity in environmentalism.

For the full programme visit the Bristol Radical History Group website.