6 May 2018

Radical History Festival

Building on the success of the 2017 Bristol Radical History Festival, M Shed and Bristol Radical History Group are excited to be hosting another event with more talks, walks, performance and stalls.

2018 marks the anniversaries of two of the most significant historical moments in the 20th Century.

The centenary of The First World War

The centenary of the end of WWI will see the culmination of the Remembering the Real World War I’s achievement in re-examining the reality of the human catastrophe and challenging the militarism celebrated in ‘official’ accounts.

The Free University 1968 – 2018

Organised by Bread, Print & Roses & friends, join a collective of Bristol citizens, students, academics, and activists to explore free and inclusive learning, sharing, debating and making.
In May 1968, students from Bristol University and UWE occupied their universities in solidarity with workers and activists in France and internationally.
On 6 May 2018 we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of that community memory as part of the Radical History Fair.

What was the impact of these events in Bristol, the West Country and beyond?

Today, confronted by such intractable challenges as austerity, homelessness, environmental degradation, the crisis in the National Health Service, a rise in the number of displaced persons and ongoing military conflict, we stand at another pivotal moment in history.

Our understanding of the present in its historical context will better enable future generations to respond positively to the period of intense change ahead over the next fifty and hundred years.

For the full programme visit the Bristol Radical History Group website.