25 April 2019

Morbid ink: Memorial tattoos

Join Dr John Troyer, Director of the Centre for Death and Society, for an insight into memorial tattoos.

Some of us will not be remembered on tombstones but we may we live-on in the form of a tattoo on the body of a loved one. Many argue that memorial tattoos can ease the pain of bereavement and provide a daily reminder of the deceased.

Dr Troyer will consider the implications of marking a living body with representations of death, consider the evolution and psychology of these tattoos, and discuss current innovations in memorial tattooing.

He will also discuss the practice of mixing the cremated ashes of a loved one in tattoo ink to form a physical and symbolic link to the deceased.

There will be an opportunity at the end to ask Dr Troyer questions about his work and research.

Dr John Troyer is the Director of the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath. He is a co-founder of the Death Reference Desk website, the Future Cemetery Project and a frequent commentator for the BBC. His most recent book is Technologies of the Human Corpse.

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