25 May 2019

Meccano: An engineering hobby for everyone

For several generations, Meccano was the building hobby of choice for so many people.

Getting a set for birthday or Christmas was eagerly anticipated. But if you think Meccano is no longer, think again…

For those who can remember its heyday, this exhibition will bring back memories of childhood fun and wonder. And for those who are too young to remember, see what creations were possible before the days of technology.

Meccano is alive and well and has a worldwide modelling community. This exhibition is staged by the South West Meccano Club who are based in Bristol. A variety of models will be on display– large and small – which demonstrate the unique capabilities of the construction medium to be both structurally amazing and mechanically intricate.

Now, the latest Meccano products have evolved to include computer control and robotics, and this technology is being integrated into the traditional freestyle modelling.

This hobby is still enjoyed by the young, and by the old but young at heart. This is a one-day only exhibition – come along and see where imagination can take you.