30 May 2017

Holiday Family Fun at M Shed

Drop into one of our Holiday Family Fun days to explore our fabulous collections and exhibitions through creative and hands-on activities for the whole family.

Holiday family fun takes place at M Shed every Tuesday during Bristol school holidays.

Easter crafts 
Tuesday 11 April
Try making a chicken and egg pop-up or moveable picture. Or can you make an Easter Bunny finger puppet? Or go home wearing an Easter Bonnet made from card and decorated with flowers and Eastery scrap!

Super skeleton me
Tuesday 18 April
Dem bones dem bones dem dry bones! There will be lots of fun filled activities to bring the stories alive from our Skeletons: Our Buried Bones exhibition. Children over 7 would enjoy the exhibition the most.

Holiday family fun
Tuesday 30 May
A hands-on day of fun exploring our fabulous collections and exhibitions through creative activities for the whole family.

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