17 January 2019

Grounds for grave concern: Bristol municipal cemeteries past, present and future

Cemeteries. They’re contested, contradictory spaces, where the profound and prosaic meet and often collide.

The original urban green spaces, they memorialise the dead, provide recreation for the living, host a surprising variety of wildlife – and are also places of work.

In this talk Dr Helen Frisby and Dr Stuart Prior tell the multifaceted story of Bristol’s municipal cemeteries past, present and future.

As well as charting how Bristol has disposed of its dead in the past and nowadays, they will ask what the future might hold for our local cemeteries as our lifestyles and deathstyles continue to change.

Speakers: Dr Helen Frisby works in the Graduate School at UWE Bristol. Dr Stuart Prior is Reader in Archaeological Practice at the University of Bristol.

This is a UWE Regional History Centre talk.