21 September—25 September 2020

Brizzle Week

Alright me babber! Welcome to Brizzle!

Join us in celebrating Bristol and its people with an exploration of identity, local lingo and what Brizzle is known for.

Is Bristol unique? Is it possible to define being a Bristolian?

Free online talks – bookings open now:

What else to look out for this week:

  • Vox pops about Bristol identity created by award-winning TV presenter Sherrie Eugene-Hart
  • Read our guest blog by Roger Griffith MBE who gives a personal insight into multiple identity
  • An alphabet of words for Bristolians on Pinterest
  • Our Bristol in a Bottle activity on Instagram
  • Local green spaces discovered during lockdown to explore yourself
  • A spotlight on some of the people who make Bristol
  • …and lots more!

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