10 September 2022

British Rock Art Conference 2022

Join us for the British Rock Art Group (BRAG) online mini-conference.

Ancient rock art is a truly global phenomenon which began around 75,000 years ago, when our ancestors started making images. This rock art takes different forms, for example, painting, carving, rubbing and engraving, all of which would have been imbued with significant meaning.

There is a tremendous amount of variety: sometimes people painted elaborate multicoloured imagery in a rock shelter and, at other times, they placed a solitary engraving on a boulder.

Rock art helps us to develop a greater understanding of the deep history of our ancestors and how they thought.

This year’s online mini-conference will explore rock art from different parts of the world, focusing on:

  • Libya (Tertia Barnett)
  • Middle East and Canada (Genevieve von Petzinger)
  • Portugal and Spain (Sara Garcês)
  • South Africa (Aron Mazel)
  • United Arab Emirates (George Nash)
  • United States of America (Jamie Hampson)

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