14 May—12 June 2016


This exhibition has now finished but you can view hundreds of beautiful images of Briswool on Instagram.

See the amazing knitted city of Briswool in all its woolly splendour. Explore the city, spot the landmarks and make your own woolly additions.

The huge, intricately crocheted and knitted model of Bristol features all your favourite hangouts including the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Zoo and the M Shed cranes as well as the infamous Bristol crocodile, a Banksy mural and Wallace & Gromit!

Coordinated by Paper Village on North Street, the City of Briswool has seen dozens of customers and staff knit and crochet numerous models representing Bristol from pubs to tiny bicycles.

Yarnstorming: Bristol Flags

Inspired by Briswool and in honour of M Shed’s fifth birthday, we are creating a huge bunting trail that will be hung along the front of M Shed on Sunday 12 June. Bring along a pennant you’ve made in any textile technique you like and become part of our yarnstorming event.

Three hot air balloons embroidered on a flag

A beautiful embroidery by Pat Hooper

Flags can be fabric or wool, can be crocheted, knitted, sewn, appliqué or embroidered but should represent what Bristol means to you. Take inspiration from your favourite local places, people and events and decorate your flag with your chosen theme.

Decoration can be literal such as an embroidery of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, or more figurative such as the use sequins, musical notes and colourful motifs to represent one of Bristol’s many festivals.

You can use new or recycled materials. Flags need to be no bigger than 25cm from bottom to top and no more than 21cm wide. Please attach a bit of fabric to the back with your name and your age.

Drop your flag to Paper Village or bring it along to M Shed on Sunday 12 June and we will add it to the bunting trail. The event takes place between 11am – 4pm.

Information and advice on making your flag will be available at M Shed or you can contact Paper Village.

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