20 October 2017

Brave, poor (and invisible): Gatekeepers of past and future cities

Experience creative happenings, visits by robots and an opportunity to be part of a Cultural Animation installation work.

This symposium brings together academics and community partners to expose and explore the often absent voices of disabled people in our collective history as well as our future planning.

You will have the opportunity to find out about our process for engaging local people in research for a new exhibition at M Shed and the crucial role creative interpretation, digital gaming and new technologies play in giving disabled people a voice in reclaiming their history and their future.

The speakers will examine who has been historically disregarded, left out or silenced and how we can make sure that these voices are not lost or overlooked in planning and design, or in the way people are valued.

They explore the wider ethical questions as to whether technological progress offers a utopian or dystopian future and ask what methods we can adopt to ensure disabled people are the gatekeepers of their own futures.


  • Dr Praminda Caleb-Solly, Bristol Robots
  • Esther Fox, Accentuate Programme, Screen South
  • Grace Swordy, History of Place, Screen South
  • Sue Moffat, Borderlines New Vic Theatre Stoke
  • Openstorytellers

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