14 October 2020

Black History Month: African Caribbean history for beginners – to Britain from Africa via the Caribbean

Improve your understanding of the connections between African, Caribbean & British history in this talk by Paul Crooks from Ancestry Talks.

Ancestry Talks has given hundreds of people access to expert insight into tracing African, Caribbean & British ancestry.

Presenting genealogy discoveries interwoven with Black history references, you are invited to discover how Black ancestry and Black history can be harnessed as powerful tools for personal development, self-empowerment and exploring self-identity.

In this talk, Paul will:

  • Highlight key topics and events along the Black History timeline
  • Emphasise events where ‘Africans at home and abroad’ have taken action – on a grand scale – to shape their future and the future of others.
  • Inspire, encourage and uplift you with African & Caribbean ancestry


  • Africa: Before the rise of Capitalism (10 -15  mins)
  • Africans in Caribbean: From Enslavement to Emancipation (10 -15 mins)
  • Black & British: The Windrush Generation (5 mins)
  • Reclaiming and drawing inspiration from the Past (5 mins)
  • Q&A (20 mins)

About Paul Crooks

Paul Crooks is a published author and trailblazing genealogist with a specialist interest in Black ancestry. He pioneered research into African Caribbean genealogy during the 1990s when he became the first to trace his family history from London, back six generations, to ancestors captured off the West African coast 200 years ago. Paul discovered that his ancestors were enslaved on a sugar plantation in Jamaica.

Paul gained national recognition for his work when his acclaimed historical novel Ancestors (based on the true story of the author’s African ancestors) was published in 2002. He appeared on Who Do You Think You Are? (Moira Stuart) as the expert in African Caribbean genealogy. His second book A Tree Without Roots is the authoritative guide to tracing African, British and Asian Caribbean ancestry.

Paul has been recognised for inspiring an upsurge in interest in Black and British ancestry. He is also credited with having spawned an industry in African Caribbean genealogy. Find out more about Paul Crooks.

How to take part

This free, online talk will be held over Zoom. Please book your place below. Details of how to join the session will be in your registration email. Please check your spam folder if the email does not arrive. Bookings close at 11am on Wednesday 14 October.

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