29 February 2020

Becoming human: exploring fossil evidence for our ancestors

Discover how archaeology and anthropology contribute to our knowledge of human evolution and find out about the latest theories in this ever-changing field.

Learn how the study of primate anatomy and research into the early use of tools helps us to understand our ancient past.

Explore early fossil discoveries of early hominins including: Ardipithecus ramidus (Ardi), Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy,) Homo ergaster (Nariokotome boy), Homo neanderthalensis (La Ferrasie) before discussing their place in the human family tree.

Led by Dr Heidi Dawson-Hobbis, Lecturer in Biological Anthropology at the University of Winchester.

Archaeological study days

Bristol Museum has run a programme of study days since 2013 and an archaeological field school since 2019. Profits from study days and the field school help support the work of Bristol Museums.

Study Days are based at Bristol Museum, Blaise Museum or M Shed. Each session focusses on a different aspect of archaeology and is led by an expert in their field. Depending on the subject, the day usually involves a mix of illustrated presentations, practical activities, behind the scenes tours and/or a chance to study collections not usually on display.

All sessions are suitable for complete beginners to those who have studied archaeology before but are keen to find out more. They are open to everyone aged 16 and over.

The study day programme and field schools are directed by Kate Iles, Curator of Archaeology. For more information or to join our mailing list please contact [email protected]