21 November 2015

Archaeology Symposium: Archaeology in Action

A one-day event exploring the exciting research and discoveries made by archaeologists in Bristol.

Speakers from Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives and the University of Bristol will present their latest projects and share their experiences of archaeology in action.

Topics include the role of the modern museum curator, the work of the commercial field archaeologist, the use of drones in archaeology, the realities of conducting fieldwork in the Mediterranean, how scientific analyses are changing our understanding of what and how people ate in the past, and much more.

There will also be a chance to find out about archaeology groups working in Bristol and upcoming events.

Jointly organised by Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives and The University of Bristol Department of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Agenda for the day

10am – 10:25am

10:25am – 10:30am

Session 1: Engaging Archaeology

10:30am – 11am
Day schools, digital technology & diggers: a day in the life of a modern curator
Gail Boyle, Senior Curator for Archaeology, Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

11am – 11:30am
Communities at the heart of Bristol research: UoB at Hatteras, USA.
Aisling Tierney, Education for Sustainable Development  Coordinator, University of Bristol, and PhD candidate, Department of Archaeology and  Anthropology, University of Bristol

11:30am – 12pm
Funded by the Bristol Institute for Research in the Humanities and Arts

Session 2: Fascinating Fieldwork

12pm – 12:30pm
It’s not really like Indiana Jones: the reality of Mediterranean Archaeology 
Tamar Hodos, Reader in Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Bristol

12:30pm – 1pm
Commercial archaeology: sometimes fascinating… sometimes fraught
Ian Greig, Manager, Bristol & Region Archaeological Services

1pm – 2pm
Lunch: not provided but there is a café in M Shed and other facilities nearby.
During the break, visit stands run by local archaeology groups and units to learn about their work, find out about upcoming events or buy publications.

Session 3: Scientific Approaches

2pm – 2:30pm
From Drones to Virtual Reality: New 3D Technologies in Archaeology
Stephen Gray, Senior Research Data Librarian, University of Bristol

2:30 – 3pm
MicroArchaeology: using molecules to uncover our past
Jessica Smyth, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Bristol on the EU-funded research project NeoMilk – The Milking Revolution in Temperate Neolithic Europe. 

Summary and close