19 March 2020—19 August 2021

21st Century Kids: Bristol through our eyes

21st Century Kids explores what it’s like to be young in Bristol today.

Hear young people from across the city reflecting on their experiences, challenges and hopes for the future.

M Shed travelled across the city visiting youth groups, schools and colleges. We spoke to over 200 young people from all walks of life and recorded over 70 interviews. They talk about Bristol, their loves and hates and what they wish older people would understand.

We gave eight under-19s a disposable camera to document a week in their lives. They show us an intimate portrait of a diverse range of young lives.

We didn’t just want to make a display about young people we wanted to involve young people at every stage. All of the photographers, filmmakers and researchers involved were under 24. At every stage of the project we consulted with our own Bristol Museums Young Collective and a team of external collaborators.

See their photos, watch the interviews and add your own reflections on youth. The stories that emerge tell a complex story of what it’s like to be young in our city. They are at once funny, tragic and hopeful. Above all, they explore many preconceived myths about our young people.

21st Century Kids is now also available online.