7 January—20 December 2019

Significant Bristol People

Who do you think deserves to be recognised as Bristol’s most brilliant Bristolian? In this interactive session, your class will study a selection of diverse local men and women, from across time.  Children will get to explore M Shed’s objects, costume, documents and stories to discover how these significant Bristol people have helped to shape the city and made a difference to peoples’ lives and the world around us.

Children will:

  • Investigate the life and legacy of significant Bristol people, namely; John Cabot, Princess Campbell, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Hannah More and Joseph Fry
  • Find out about the past using real and replica artefacts and costume
  • Explore gallery collections related to a significant Bristol person
  • Order events and people chronologically using a timeline
  • Prepare and perform a presentation about a chosen significant person
  • Take part in an award ceremony for the best Bristolian

Suitable for: Year 1-2
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Group size: Up to 35 pupils – you can book more than one session

We have two sessions available at 10.15am – 11.45am and 12pm – 1.30pm

Planning on having a picnic as part of your school visit? Free use of our lunch room is included in the cost of your session.

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