1 January—20 July 2018

Brilliant Bristolians School Assembly

The people of Bristol have achieved great things throughout history.  During this school assembly experience, your pupils will hear inspirational stories, discover what Brilliant Bristolians have achieved in the past and learn about their legacy on the city and the wider world.

The whole school will take away with them the importance of perseverance and resilience through the stories of 3 Brilliant Bristolians that faced adversity but triumphed.

Pupils will:

  • Hear the stories of 3 significant individuals: John Cabot, Joseph Fry and Princess Campbell
  • Discover their achievements and contributions to the city
  • Dress in replica costume to represent people of the period
  • See real and replica artefacts related to each person
  • Vote for their ‘Best Bristolian’

Suitable for: Reception–Year 6
Duration: 20-25 mins
Group size: whole school

We can provide a 20-25 minute assembly at an appropriate time for your school day. Available for schools within approximately 15 miles of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Please get in touch.

“Really useful, professional and interesting. Children were given the chance to get into character. It was inclusive and engaging for all Children. All the teachers learnt something and it gave a really good insight to the History/culture of Bristol.”

School History Co-ordinator, St Ursula’s E-ACT Academy. April 2017

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