Our aims and objectives

We understand that decolonisation is an ever-moving field and that our current plans may need to adapt to the needs of our external partners. All aims are therefore subject to change.

For information on how these aims will be delivered and the principles that will underpin this delivery, please see our Terms of Reference (PDF 144KB).

We are committed to Bristol City Council’s equalities and inclusion policy 2018-23. We are also accountable to, and measured against, our own Equalities Action Plan.

Aim one: Remove the barriers that our colonial heritage presents


  1. We will work with our staff, partners and audiences to understand the barriers created by our colonial heritage.
  2. We’ll actively dismantle the barriers.
  3. We will educate, inform and challenge perceptions and use our learning to inform future planning.

Aim two: Recognise the trauma and suffering caused by our colonial heritage


  1. We will work with our staff, partners and communities to understand the connections with trauma and suffering of our objects, buildings and activities.
  2. We’ll approach all projects openly, honestly and transparently
  3. We will present the full story and history of our objects, buildings and activities both in person and online.

Aim three: Represent, celebrate and co-produce with people of colour and other diaspora communities


  1. We will ensure representation by actively seeking the voices and stories of people of colour and diaspora communities in our decision-making, projects and choice of acquisitions.
  2. We’ll enter into a meaningful dialogue with source communities and those in diaspora communities relevant to our collections and activities.
  3. We will recognise and celebrate the wide-ranging and positive contributions that people of colour and other diaspora communities, who have been historically disadvantaged by the legacies of colonialism, have made, through our programmes and activities.

The Decolonisation Working Group are currently building a SMART plan, with tangible actions to meet these aims and objectives and details of how we measure impact.