10 March 2016

Winter Lecture: New Dinosaur Discoveries

New and astounding dinosaur fossils continue to be discovered across the globe, shedding ever more light on what dinosaurs were and how they lived.

Ben Garrod will discuss some of these new findings about animals which were dominant on land for about 135 million years from the Triassic, through the Jurassic and into the Cretaceous geological periods.

Ben will talk in particular about his recent involvement with Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur, a BBC One documentary about the discovery and reconstruction of a new species of titanosaur, the largest known dinosaur.

If you haven’t managed to book a ticket in time but would like to attend, there is usually space as not everyone who books a free ticket attends. Please feel free to come along and register on the evening.

Main image: © Ollie Merchant

Please note, the lecture takes place at Tyndall Lecture Theatre, University of Bristol NOT Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Parking can be difficult so please arrive an extra 15 minutes to allow plenty of time. Access on foot is via the Royal Fort entrance, along the path and to the left.

Additional information

Please note, the lecture takes place at Tyndall Lecture Theatre.

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