22 February 2021

Traditional Chinese Herb and Culture Garden in Bristol

The Chinese Garden in University of Bristol Botanic Garden is a little known slice of China in the heart of Bristol.

Created in 2007, it contains a collection of plants used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. These are set within a space inspired by classical pleasure gardens found in Suzhou. The garden uses rocks, symbolic planting and Chinese garden structures to provide views and encourage contemplation.

The Chinese Embassy officially opened the teaching area in 2010. A second phase in 2017 saw the construction of a peony garden and tea plant terrace.

In this talk, one of the co-founders will discuss the plants and evolution of the garden. You will hear about the significance of peonies, which are revered in Chinese culture. You will learn about the tea terrace, planted within the heart of Bristol. Whilst tea-drinking in China dates back thousands of years, the British cuppa has become an iconic symbol firmly in people’s hearts.

Discover how this educational resource is open to the public and enables visitors to enjoy an environment akin to a traditional Chinese pleasure garden.

The Chinese Garden is a partnership between the Botanic Garden and the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM).

Speaker: Tony Harrison, co-ordinator of the Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden, and herbalist. He has travelled extensively in China, visiting Chinese herb and classical gardens, and to study Chinese medicine. As a past president of the RCHM he founded the Chinese Garden with Nick Wray, curator of the University Botanic Gardens.

How to take part

This free, online discussion will be held over Zoom webinar. Please book your place below. Details of how to join the session will be in your registration email. Please check your spam folder if the email does not arrive. Bookings close at 11am on Monday 22 February.

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With thanks to our Lunar New Year festival sponsors: University of Bristol and UWE Bristol.

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