9 November 2019

The World in Bristol

The World in Bristol celebrates the city’s diverse cultures with a day of music, dance, tours, taster activities and a chance to meet people from around the world.

From Europe to Asia to Africa, there will be performances of regional dances to try your hand (or feet!) at, traditional costumes to wear and an opportunity to learn from our Human Atlas.

Take a tour of the museum collections, mix spices with Somali Kitchen, browse an array of stalls and mingle with people from all over the world who now call Bristol home.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to our Do you believe in magic? exhibition.

Whether you’re looking for an antidote to Brexit or simply a fun family day out – The World in Bristol is a chance to meet new people and try new things.

Bristol is a UK City of Sanctuary. We celebrate and welcome the diversity that makes up our city.