1 April—10 September 2023

The Cave Art of Lascaux: a Virtual Reality Experience

This exhibition has now finished.

Step back in time 21,000 years and visit the incredible Stone Age cave art of Lascaux in immersive 3D.

Experience this interactive exhibition wearing a Virtual Reality headset. Find out more about what a Virtual Reality experience involves.

This world heritage site in the Dordogne, France, was discovered in 1940 by two teenagers. It features etched and painted images large and small, of many animals. These include bison, horses, ibex, large cats and even a rhinoceros. There are also mysterious symbols and abstract elements.

International teams of experts have spent decades researching and analysing the images, working out how they were made and what they might mean.

The site itself has been closed to the public since 1963, but there is a full size replica of the cave complex in France. Now, using the latest technology, you can ‘visit’ the caves on your own doorstep.

Explore the drawings in detail and learn how they were found, preserved and recreated. Discover ‘invisible’ engravings and hear from experts about the original purpose of the site.

The exhibition also features displays on Cro-Magnon (early European modern human) life and culture. There are replicas of objects found on the cave floor, and stunning lifesize sculptures of a Cro-Magnon family.


  • The VR experience currently involves standing for 15 minutes, moving about the space, turning around and interacting with virtual elements. You need to reach out your hands and follow spoken instructions from a voiceover. If you do not think this will be possible for you then please contact us before booking and we will see what adjustments we can provide.
  • The experience is accessible for wheelchair users and other disabled visitors, but please contact us before booking if you have any questions about accessibility.
  • VR is not recommended for those with epilepsy.
  • The experience may be confusing for people living with dementia.
  • Available in English, German and Italian.

Please note:

  • Children under 12 must be accompanied at all times by an adult who will also need a ticket.
  • We recommend that the Virtual Reality experience is more suitable for children aged 10+.
  • Children aged 7+ can do the Virtual Reality experience, but may need additional support from an adult. If you are supporting a child through this experience and wish to use the VR headset then we recommend booking yourself into the slot immediately before or after the child to enable this.
  • Younger children can go into the exhibition, but for safety cannot use the VR headsets because of their size and spatial processing ability. Please be aware that if you are visiting with children under the age of 7 and you are using the VR experience then an additional adult will need to be present to accompany any under 7s. If both adults wish to use the VR headsets then we recommend taking this in turns and booking one adult into the slot immediately before or after the other.
  • People with an allergy or skin sensitivity to silicone or to medical grade alcohol should not use the VR

This exhibition was created by The Departmental Council of Dordogne, with support provided by the Regional Council of New Aquitaine, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, and the European Union. The worldwide tour is organised by the SPL Lascaux, international exhibition.

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