11 September 2019

Summer walk: 100 years of council housing

Hillfields played a significant role in the story of council housing in Bristol.

Soon after the war, Prime Minister David Lloyd George announced that the country needed ‘Homes fit for Heroes’. These houses were to replace the squalid and overcrowded slums. They would also better suit the needs of the many injured servicemen returning after the war.

Hillfields was the first area in Bristol to provide council housing. It was built after the 1919 Housing Act was passed in Parliament. In 1920, 500 delegates from around the world visited Hillfields to view the new estate at a Demonstration Area.

Hillfields Homes for Heroes is an 18 month project celebrating the centenary of Addison’s Housing Act that led to the birth of Hillfields.

Peter Insole will give a guided tour of the neighbourhood and talk about the legacy of Addison’s Act and its impact on the city as a whole. Peter is a local historian and archaeological specialist.

Start: Outside Hillfields Library
End: Outside Hillfields Library.

Find out more about Hillfields Homes for Heroes.

The summer walks are sponsored by the Friends of Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives.