9 June 2017

Stone Age to Iron Age for Home Educating families

Investigate the development of human technology from the Palaeolithic era, through the Bronze Age to the Iron Age in this learning session developed especially for home educating families.

Handle 500,000 year old stone hand axes and flint tools to unlock the secrets about how they were made and what they were once used for.

Children will:A group of prehistoric tools

  • Handle artefacts including stone hand axes and flint tools 700,000 years old
  • Investigate how tools were made and what they were used for
  • Consider what evidence they provide of how people lived in the past

Suitable for: ages 7-11
Duration: 1 hour
Group size: up to 25 children
Time:  2pm-3pm

Why not explore our Stone Age to Iron Age exhibition in the museum at the same time?


Additional information

Additional information

Please meet us at the museum reception five minutes before the session starts.
If you arrive late please let the front desk staff know, so you can be escorted to the workshop.
Sorry, but there is no eating or drinking allowed in the workshop room.