26 November 2017

St Luke Drawing the Virgin and Child: a painting of the past in the present

This talk will explore the iconography, visual structure and process of making behind ‘St Luke Drawing the Virgin and Child’, within the context of panel painting in its time.

By investigating how the painting might have been understood by its first viewers, we gain richer perspectives on its potential meanings for gallery visitors today.

Speaker: Jeanne Nuechterlein, York University

St Luke Drawing the Virgin and Child

For two years from 26 October 2017, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery will host the mesmerising painting St Luke Drawing the Virgin and Child, on loan from The Bowes Museum.

This masterpiece of Flemish Renaissance art was painted in the workshop of Dieric Bouts the Elder in the mid-15th century. A series of events will celebrate the picture’s arrival in our Old Masters Gallery.

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