12 June 2019

Natural Selection: An evening with Andy and Peter Holden

Join artist Andy Holden and his ornithologist father Peter Holden for an informal insight into the five-year study of art and nature that led to the Natural Selection exhibition.

This is a chance to see Natural Selection after-hours and ask Andy and Peter any burning questions you have! A pay-bar will also be available.

Looking at a blackbird building a nest in the garden of his parents’ house several years ago, Andy began a conversation with his father, Peter which led to this exhibition.

Birds had been a constant presence in the Holden household whilst Andy was growing up. Peter was a well-known expert on birds and ran the RSPB’s Young Ornithologists’ Club for over 30 years. He wrote several popular guide books on British birds and was Blue Peter’s ‘bird man’.

Andy returned to the family ‘nest’ in Bedfordshire after finishing his studies at art school in London. Resuming a conversation about birds was a way for father and son to re-connect with each other.

Working on occasional joint lectures in museums around Britain, they honed in on an often  overlooked aspect of bird life, the nest. Andy then decided to shape their exchanges into an exhibition of objects, sculptures and videos.