3 September 2019

Avian conservation: An evening at Bristol Museum

Explore the Natural Selection exhibition after-hours in this special evening opening.

You’ll take an ornithological journey and visit over 35,000 specimens of nests, eggs, bones, skins and avian taxidermy.

Did you know that bird populations are in decline, with 1,200 facing extinction in the next century?

The Natural Selection exhibition is in two parts – the first features a human-scale arched structure made with willow to echo the elaborate bowerbird construction. It also features a collection of nests and feathers, alongside a number of wood-turned sculptures whose forms are derived from sonograms of bird song.

The second part considers the psychology of egg collecting and how the desire to possess something rare can sometimes have terrible consequences.

The evening opening is open to everyone. It follows a symposium on avian conservation at Bristol Zoo where leading experts working across the globe aim to tackle threats to bird species.

If you are interested in this part of the day please visit the Bristol Zoo website.

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