1 November 2019

Museums at Night: Real magic

Explore the museum after-hours with a spellbinding evening of magic, witchcraft and enchantment!

Accompanying our Do you believe in magic? exhibition, this Museums at Night will be a chance to meet magical practitioners, discover different beliefs and contemplate how magic plays a part in your life.

Performances and talks

  • A mesmerising dance performance by renowned dancer Faye Stoeser. The dance tells the story of a shamanistic ritual by an exceptional dancer, who gradually communicates with a world outside our own. Specially created by internationally acclaimed choreographer Richard Chappell.
  • Take a walk with our magical puppet carrying giant charms courtesy of Tallulah Swirls.
  • Examine magic and belief through talks by our guest speakers including: Professor Ron Hutton, Professor Esther Eidinow, Kurt Lampe, Vikki Carr and Julian Vayne.


  • Hand analysis (palmistry) with Lawrence Rooke.
  • Tarot card reading with Genette Ellis.
  • Scrying (crystal ball foretelling) with Indigo Starseed.
  • Supernatural experiences with Doreen Taylor of Amethyst Reading.
  • Make your own Roman curse tablets with Kate Iles.
  • Create magical tea blends with Leonie Cole.
  • Learn about runes with Adrian Rooke.
  • Discover magical folklore, spell-making and modern day witchcraft with the help of our practising guest witches Thea Campbell, Rachael Fountain and Mitch Garlington.

And of course, don’t forget to visit our Do you believe in magic? exhibition. From ancient uses of witchcraft to belief in the power of gods and ancestors, the exhibition uncovers how magic has been used to heal, hunt and harm across the world.

An array of intriguing magical gifts will be available to buy at pop-up stalls and refreshments will be available from our cafe and pop-up bar throughout the night.

This event is age 18+.

Available Tickets Price Qty *
Adult £6.00 (GBP) / ticket Fully Booked
Concession £5.00 (GBP) / ticket Fully Booked

* Please note that a maximum number of 10 tickets can be purchased for this event per order.

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