21 June 2019

Murder Mystery Night

“There’s been a murder!”

Gather your friends, family and colleagues together for a summer solstice night to remember at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

Watch as the story line unfolds, quiz the characters about their motives and find the clues to help solve the murder. Can you unravel the mystery?

  • Hosted in the beautiful Winterstoke and Wills Halls
  • Summer cocktail on arrival
  • Murder Mystery guests who will mingle with you before joining you for dinner where you can quiz them and watch as the story plays out around you
  • Three course seasonal dinner with coffee and petit fours
  • Prize for the winning team

Limited offer:
Complimentary dinner wine worth £6.50. (1 x large glass of house wine per person)

Download the invitation for full details and menu (PDF)

The story so far… Pennington Park

The year is 1956. Tonight, in the county town of Barlworth it is the Shakin’ Sundae Hop. Over the past five years this event has always been the highlight of the town’s social calendar and this year’s effort looks bigger and better than ever.

Everyone who is anyone has turned up and Diana Brown the owner of The Shakin’ Sundae Café is preparing to make her welcoming speech.

On such an evening with its promises of fun and excitement, it’s hard to believe that anyone could be attending with anything other than good thoughts in their heart.

But there is at least one individual who has not come here to simply enjoy themselves; they have come here with their own agenda.

Before the 1956 Shakin’ Sundae Hop draws to a close, there are certain individuals who will have begged for their very lives.

This will be an evening that the Townsfolk of Barlworth will always remember, they will never, ever forget the true story of Pennington Park!

The Suspects

  • Johnny Berkeley – A bit of a bad lad on the face of it – thoroughly mixed up in the tragedy all those years ago.
  • Maggie Jenkins the doctor’s wife – faithful and true?
  • Diana Brown – The proprietor of the Shakin’ Sundae Café. She keeps her ear to the ground, if anyone knows anything in the town, it’s Diana.
  • Arthur Harris – The local window cleaner, but has he seen more than he should have, and can he keep his mouth shut?
  • Oscar Valentine Blakebrough – A journalist who likes to put his nose in everyone’s business but why has he come to the sleepy town of Barlworth?