19 October—19 April 2020


Magic is a fundamental part of the human experience which crosses time and cultures.

Magic, the exhibition, will introduce you to the lives of those who practice it, the objects that embody it and the beings that exist between the natural and the supernatural.

From ancient uses of witchcraft, to the role superstition plays in the modern mind, we’ll reveal how magic is used to heal, hunt and harm across the world.

European works of art depicting magical creatures will appear beside beautifully decorated hide coats worn by native North American hunters designed to help them catch their prey.

From Ancient Egyptian amulets and Mexican charms promising protection, to items collected from the altar of a practising witch, this exhibition will uncover new ways of understanding worlds beyond our own.

Do you have a special possession?

Are you from Bristol? Do you have an object that:

  • is particularly important or precious to you?
  • exerts some kind of power or sway over your life or the way you live?
  • you treat with reverence or respect?

We are looking for stories from a diverse range of perspectives and they can be as serious, comical, or everyday as you like. They may feature in the exhibition or on our online channels.

Tell us about your object