21 March 2020

Magic workshop: Shamanism

Statement regarding coronavirus (COVID-19):

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Shamanism is an ancient spiritual path of awakening, raising consciousness, healing, divination, and, in many cases, peace-making.

This workshop can be a solid foundation for any further shamanic exploration you might want to do.

First and foremost, we will make sure that we embark on our journey between the everyday physical world and the world of spirit in a grounded way.

You will learn about power animals and a meditation to establish relationships with them. The magic and healing of these relationships touches our hearts and leads us powerfully into the mystery of what it is to be human.

We will introduce shamanic drumming and the protocols around it. You will learn how to prepare yourself for the first opening of the drum, states of mind the Drum requires from the shaman, the states it induces and the doorways it opens.

In addition, you will learn a particular healing technique and experience the power of it.

This workshop is an extract from the Northern Drum two-day course – The Shaman’s Doorway and held by Pavel Timashkov.

What to bring:

  • Blanket to lie down for the journey
  • Bandana or scarf
  • Water bottle
  • Pen and notebook

Optional items

  • Hand drum
  • Rattle
  • Long feather, e.g. goose or swan.

About Pavel

Pavel is a shamanic healer and a qualified wilderness guide. He has been practising and studying shamanism with Chris Lüttichau of Northern Drum for over 10 years.

For Pavel shamanic work is a never-ending quest for a strong path – the path of responsibility, the path of respect, the path of being in service, the path of remembrance that one is a human being. Pavel has a Ph.D. degree in Mathematical Economics.

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