19 November 2020

Late lunch talk: Japanese netsuke carvings

Bristol has a superb collection of around 200 Japanese netsuke – finely carved miniature sculptures that Japanese men used as toggles tucked into their belts.

Created in the 1700s and 1800s, each netsuke is unique and they depict a huge range of subjects from Japanese popular culture.

75 of these tiny masterpieces from our collection will go on display in Bristol Museum & Art Gallery in November.

Using new photography, this talk will introduce the history and cultural significance of netsuke. It will touch on the subject matter of these tiny masterpieces from mythical creatures and folk tales, to the natural world and everyday life.

Find out about aspects of Japanese daily life from sumo wrestling to wood-working and meet the water sprite, kappa, who has a fondness for rice wine. Hear the story of the Lucky Tea Kettle and why you should throw soybeans at devils at the beginning of the year.

Speaker: Kate Newnham, senior curator of visual arts.

How to take part

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