6 April 2017

Lunchtime talk: Stone Age to Iron Age

A whistle-stop tour of more than 500,000 years of human history in the space of one gallery.

Gain an insight into some of our local prehistoric finds and sites with Gail Boyle, Senior Curator of Archaeology, during a lunchtime exploration of Stone Age to Iron Age.

Stone Age to Iron Age showcases a selection of key objects from our permanent Archaeology Collection.

These objects are of local, national and in some cases international importance, and range from the earliest locally made stone tools to exquisitely decorated Iron Age metalwork: many have never been on public display before.

The key message for this new display is that prehistoric people were more resourceful, inventive, skilled and creative than you might imagine and Gail will explain why and how we know.

Designed to fit around your lunch hour, our lunchtime talks explore a selection of treasures from our exhibitions and collections.