22 February 2024

Lunchtime talk: Fascinating stories from our Natural History collection

The natural history collection housed in our Biology store has a whopping 700,000 specimens of mammals, birds, insects, and plants. Like the museum display areas, the store is a hive of activity.

Scientists, artists, photographers, filmmakers, students and school children all use it. The collection is constantly studied, researched, documented, and illustrated. Some specialists gather vital information, contributing to pressing issues such as conservation and climate change. Others record the colonial history and complexity of the animal kingdom for art or education.

The store is a rich repository of life frozen in time, and each preserved specimen has a story to tell. Many of these tales are yet to be rediscovered.

Join us today for a special insight into our Natural History collection through a guided tour of the Biology Store.


Rhian Rowson (Natural History Curator) and Nick Pope (Researcher).

Lunchtime talks

Designed to fit around your lunch hour, our lunchtime talks are usually monthly and explore a selection of treasures from our exhibitions and collections. 

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