9 January—14 February 2018

Little Jurassic Explorers

Little Jurassic Explorers is a Tuesday and Wednesday morning session for the under five year olds designed to complement our fabulous interactive exhibition, Pliosaurus!

Each week there will be a story time at 11.15am and fun activities for you to enjoy with your child.

  • Underwater story time – relax in Doris the pliosaur’s underwater world and listen to stories of marine creatures and dinosaur pals
  • Doctor Doris: Doris has something wrong with her and needs your help. Dress up as a doctor, bandage her sore flipper and listen to her heartbeat with our stethoscopes.
  • Dino-playtime: bring your favourite dinosaurs along to meet Doris. Play with dinosaur mini worlds, toy dinosaurs and jigsaws.
  • Dentist Doris: Doris has a sore mouth. Get close up and examine her massive jaws using dentist mirrors, magnifying glasses and a giant toothbrush.
  • Underwater explorer: put on your goggles and armbands, pick up your torch and magnifying glass, it’s time to go swimming with Doris.


Due to the school holidays, we will not be running Little Jurassic Explorer sessions after 13 December. The first one of the New Year will be on 9 January 2018.

Part of Pliosaurus! Face to face with a Jurassic beast