15 April 2021

Late lunch talk: Bristol in Bordeaux

This summer the Musée des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux will open an exhibition with the intriguing title Absolutely Bizarre! Les drôles d’histoires de l’Ecole de Bristol (1800-1840).

The exhibition is a collaboration between our French colleagues and staff at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery – and it is the first collective showing, in France, of the singular artistic phenomenon that was the Bristol School.

What are French audiences in our twin city going to make of ‘our’ Bristol artists who were working together as an informal group during the first half of the 19th century? Over 60 pictures are going on loan to Bordeaux: landscapes, scenes of everyday life, portraits and grand biblical and historical subjects. They will be joined by key pictures from Tate and the Louvre.

This lunch time talk is a sneak peak of the show and a glimpse behind the scenes here in Bristol to show what’s necessary to get these works on the road.

Speaker: Dr Jenny Gaschke is curator of Fine Art, pre-1900, at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

How to take part

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