14 March 2024

Home Educator workshop: Mary Anning

Join us as we explore the work of pioneering palaeontologist, Mary Anning, who discovered some of the first ichthyosaurs, or ‘sea dragons’. Investigate prehistoric fossils, including the amazing Temnodontosaurus.  

Children will:  

  • Meet the museum’s Geology curator and get an expert insight into the life of Temnodontosaurus, a type of ichthyosaur (an extinct marine reptile) 
  • Handle the fossils of Jurassic sea creatures 
  • Find out how the Temnodontosaurus fossil has been brought back to life by experts in conservation and palaeo-art 
  • Find out how Anning’s discoveries helped other scientists develop new ideas about evolution 
  • Enjoy an interactive retelling of Mary Anning’s amazing discovery of a Temnodontosaurus skull in 1813 

Structured learning activities suitable for Home Educated children 7-11 years 

Duration: 90 minutes


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