9 June—10 June 2018

Festival of Nature

Go wild and join us on the Harbourside and connect with the nature right on your doorstep and beyond.

The Festival of Nature is a fantastic opportunity to get up close to objects and specimens from our unique Natural Sciences collection and talk to experts from the museum and the Environmental Records Centre.

This year you can get up close to our plant fossils and herbariums and press your own plant for science. You’ll see how they did it 200 years ago, learn why it is still important today and how the process of pressure and time has preserved past plants as fossils.

The Bristol Environmental Records Centre team will be showing you how to locate and map out the local wildlife around your area with a huge map of the West of England. They can also answer any questions related to your local wildlife.

The event takes place on Millennium Square and Lloyds Amphitheatre, BS1 5LL. Find out more by visiting the Festival of Nature website.