28 February 2017

Exploring Art for Home Educating Families

How have myths and legends influenced pieces of art? What stories or hidden messages can you find in the pictures from our Bristol collections? In this workshop for Home Educating families you will be exploring art and unlocking the secret code of paintings.

Children will be able to:

  • Ask questions about art and compare and contrast art from
    Exploring Art, Home Educators

    Exploring Art for Home Educators

    across the ages

  • Take part in role-play
  • Discuss painting characters and their stories
  • Then together you can use our art trolley in the galleries to make some art of your own

Suitable for: Ages 6 – 11
Duration: 90 minutes
Group size: Up to 25 children

Session availability: We have one session available 1.30pm – 3pm. Use our art trolley after the workshop to create art of your own.

This workshop can be used to support your Arts Award in the following ways:

Discover: find out about artists and their work

Explore: explore the work of artists