14 November 2018

Clowns: Laughter Yoga

Come and experience the wonder of Laughter Yoga with our Clown in Residence, Holly Stoppit!

Developed in India by GP, Dr Kataria, Laughter Yoga is a system of simple games and fun, non-strenuous exercises which get you laughing for absolutely no reason, leaving you feeling euphoric, relaxed, de-stressed and connected.

About Holly Stoppit

Holly Stoppit grew up in the circus and has been a clown for over 30 years. No matter how hard she’s tried to escape it, the sawdust in her veins has always drawn her back to clowning. She’s travelled around the world, performing, directing, teaching and learning from an enormous assortment of clown teachers.

These days, Holly is based in Bristol, where she creates and delivers clowning and improvisation workshops for grown-ups. Holly also offers clown consultancy and training to theatre companies, circus teachers, community organisations, businesses and universities.

Find out more about Holly’s work.

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