6 April 2019

Bristol rocks!

Rocks, fossils and minerals can tell us the most amazing things about our planet… and they look pretty stunning too!

The geologists are taking over the museum for the day with loads of activities for the whole family. This year will be out of this world as we are celebrating 50 years since the lunar landings. Explore some amazing aspects of our moon and handle real meteorites.

Drop in any time during the day for storytelling, dressing up, geological handling, ‘bring in your fossil finds’, store tours, talks, craft and drawing activities, meet the expert as well as science stands from the University of Bristol and other specialist groups.

Talks and tours

12:15pm, 1.15pm and 2.
Join cosmochemist Tim Gregory (University of Bristol) for a short introduction to the fascinating science of meteorites. Suitable for all ages. Talk lasts about 20 minutes.

Geology store tour
12pm, 1pm and 2pm
Come ‘behind the scenes’ and take a peek at some of the beautiful rock and fossil gems in the geology stores. Maximum 10 people per tour. Tours last about 30 minutes. Sign up and meet in the Front Hall. Age 7+. No step-free access.

Biology store tour
12pm, 1pm and 2pm
Come ‘behind the scenes’ and see some of the treasures from the natural world cared for in the biology stores. Maximum 10 people per tour. Tours last about 30 minutes. Sign up and meet in the Front Hall. Age 7+. No step-free access.

Ground floor: Front hall

The Royal Astronomical Society
Explore space with the Royal Astronomical Society’s Deputy Executive Director Dr Robert Massey along with Geophysics Lead, Education and Outreach Officer Lucinda Offer. She loves space and human space exploration and has lots of experiences to share in her work with NASA on expeditions around the world. She also leads the Mars Society who hosts the longest running private Mars simulation habitats in Utah and the Arctic.

Tim Gregory (University of Bristol)
Tim is a cosmochemist who studies the oldest rocks in the Solar System – meteorites! Come and be amazed at these awesome rocks that have travelled millions of miles for millions of years to reach Earth.

The Dinosaur Society (University of Bristol)
Meet an expert and get your hands on real fossils, rocks and minerals. Also bring in your own finds for identification.

The Bristol Dinosaur Project (University of Bristol)
Did you know Bristol has its very own dinosaur? Come and meet Thecodontosaurus antiquus, don’t be shy he is very friendly! 

Ground floor: Rear hall

Doris the Pliosaur
Bristol Museum’s favourite pliosaur is now in her new home in the museum’s Back Hall. Explore and learn about Doris’ life in the Jurassic seas around Bristol with our amazing team of plio-experts.

Dressing up and puppet play
Ever wanted to dress up as a dinosaur? Here is your chance! Adults welcome too.

First floor: Activities room

Extra-terrestrial Crafts
Lots of craft activities for you to make and take home including making your own moon globe.

First floor: British Wildlife Gallery

Storytelling: We Share the Same Moon
11:30am, 12:30pm and 2:30pm
Professional storyteller Cassandra Wye will be weaving her beautiful stories of moon-lore. Come and hear magical tales about the shadows and shapes that can be seen on the moon. Meet at the gypsy caravan.

Main image: © Premasagar