6 April 2024

Bristol Rocks! 2024

The palaeontologists are taking over the museum for Bristol Rocks! 2024.

This year we will be going back in time to the Jurassic as we celebrate Mary Anning and her astonishing ichthyosaur fossil now on permanent display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

Discovered when Mary was just 14 years old, this astonishing ichthyosaur skull has recently been expertly cleaned and conserved. The new display also includes a statue of Mary, on loan until 30 April 2024.

Drop into Bristol Rocks! any time to see and handle real fossils. There are opportunities to dress up as a dinosaur, get creative with some Jurassic craft or to book onto a tour of the geology stores. The tours are suitable for children aged 7+ and can be booked on the day.

Come and see palaeontologist Anne-Marie’s most marvellous lecture for the young palaeontologists of today Family activity: Mary Anning | Bristol Museums

You can also meet the expert palaeontologists from the University of Bristol. Bring in your own fossil finds for them to identify. Say hello to ‘Steps in Stone’ to learn about the incredible journey Bristol has been on over the last 300 million years, ranging form tropical, coral-filled seas to arid deserts in which dinosaurs roamed.

Bristol Rocks! 2024 promises to be a fascinating day that is family-friendly. You might even be inspired to start your own geological collection!