4 July—13 September 2015

Karl Blossfeldt: Art Forms in Nature

This exhibition has now finished.

40 exquisite original photogravures from 1932 of Karl Blossfeldt’s close-up photographic images of plants and flora.

Blossfeldt (1865-1932) is regarded as one of the defining photographers of the twentieth century for his exceptional contribution to the art through his intricate botanical photographs. During his career he developed homemade cameras and lenses which enabled him to magnify his subjects by up to 30 times. In doing so he revealed the underlying structures of nature, which until then remained unexplored.

Blossfeldt originally trained as a sculptor and his amateur interest in botany lead him to explore naturally occurring forms which to his artist eye had a sculptural quality. In 1928, he was convinced to publish portfolios of images which he had previously only used as teaching tools and as aides memoires for his sculptural practice. These portfolios were compiled under the over-arching title Urformen der Kunst (Artforms in Nature).

The publication became an overnight sensation, praised by figures including philosophers Walter Benjamin, George Bataille and artist Maholy-Nagy for its commendable photographic technicality and for its objective portrayal of an ‘unknown universe’. His photographs also became highly celebrated amongst early modernists and Surrealists during the late 1920s.

An exhibition from Hayward Gallery, Southbank. Part of Bristol’s official Green Capital programme.

Image credit: Part of ‘Wundergarten der Natur’,1932 © Estate of Karl Blossfeldt, Courtesy Hayward Touring.

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