26 January 2022

Archaeology Online: Isca – the Roman Legionary Fortress at Caerleon

Join us for January’s Archaeology Online to find out about Isca, the Roman Legionary Fortress at Caerleon.

The legionary fortress at Caerleon, known to the Romans as Isca, was established in AD 74 or 75 during the final campaigns to subdue the fierce native tribes of western Britain, notably the Silures who had provided the most determined resistance to the Roman advance.

Isca was the headquarters of Legio Secunda Augusta (the Second Augustan Legion), that had taken part in the original invasion in 43 and, under the command of the future emperor Vespasian, had already brought large parts of southern and south-western England under Roman control. The history of Caerleon is also the history of the conquest, assimilation and acculturation of the Silures and the other British tribes in Wales.

The fortress at Caerleon offers a very rare opportunity to investigate a legionary base and archaeologists have been working in and around Caerleon for over 100 years. This talk will present the results of three recent large research projects, including geophysical surveys, open area excavation of a store building, as well as evaluation excavations of a large extramural suburb between the Amphitheatre and the River Usk.

Speaker: Dr Peter Guest is a freelance archaeologist and numismatist specialising in the Roman period. He has worked for the National Museum of Wales (Roman Legionary Museum) and Cardiff University (Reader in Roman Archaeology), where he conducted various ground-breaking research projects on the site of the legionary fortress at Caerleon. Peter also worked at The British Museum where he identified and published the 15,000 late 4th- and early 5th-century gold and silver coins from the Hoxne Treasure.

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