9 March 2017

Winter Lecture: About Africa

Over the course of a lifetime taking photographs, Harry Hook tells the epic visual story of Africa’s urban migration.

From pristine wildernesses to the heart of the continent’s expanding cities, his unusual collection of images covers a vast span of people and places and shines fresh light on Africa past and present.

Across much of sub-Saharan Africa millions upon millions of Africans are heading for towns and cities. This permanent movement of people leaving their land and villages has gathered pace in our lifetime and has caused massive cultural and social change across Africa.

African cities loom large and now dominate people’s frame of reference. Many of the distinct rural societies and tribal groupings have become homogenized and lost within urban populations.

As African society changes there’s a profound shift in how people live and what they value. Africa’s urban migration is an epic journey – there is the physical one of hope, endurance and hardship, but also, I sense, a deep, subtle, psychological voyage of the mind.

Speaker: Harry Hook

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