21 September 2020

KS2 webinar: Hieroglyphics & hieratic – writing in ancient Egypt

Most people who lived in ancient Egypt couldn’t read or write.

Join Mrs H to unlock the secrets of hieroglyphics including the places it was used, how long it took to become a scribe, how they kept their writing in straight lines and how you can read when vowels are missing!

How to take part

This free, online webinar will be held over Zoom. There is space for three classes to take part. You only need to book one ticket per school/class.

Details of how to join the session will be in your registration email. Check your spam folder if the email does not arrive.

Visit the Zoom website for guidance on joining meetings. Please allow extra time before the webinar begins to make sure everything is working correctly. All participants will be muted and video will be disabled.

There will be time at the end of the presentation for a short question session. You are welcome to ask questions in the chat box throughout the event or you can email them in advance to [email protected]

Bookings close at 10am on Friday 18 September.