9 January—12 July 2024

Workshop: Stone Age to Iron Age

Investigate the development of human technology from the Palaeolithic era (Old Stone Age) through the Bronze Age to the Iron Age.

Children will:

  • Handle artefacts including stone hand axes and flint tools up to 500,000 years old
  • Investigate how tools were made and what they were used for
  • Consider what evidence they provide of how people lived in the past

Suitable for: Year 3-6
Duration: 1 hour
Group size: Up to 35 pupils – you can book more than one session

We have sessions available from 10.15am.

Planning on having a picnic as part of your visit? FREE use of our lunch room is included in the cost of your session.

Teacher feedback:

“It was really valuable for the children to look at, touch and explore the real artefacts from the Stone Age – something we don’t get the chance to do in school. We have learnt lots!”
Year 3 teacher

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Additional information

Children will work in five groups. To get the most from your visit, please organise children into groups before your workshop begins.

Each group will require support from at least one adult. Recommended ratio: one adult for every six children.

You are welcome to take photographs. We’d love you to share pictures of your school trip with us on social media.

Eating and drinking is not permitted in the museum apart from the school lunch room. Crumbs attract pests and our collections are far too precious to be attacked!