5 September—21 July 2017

Discover: Rocks and fossils

Investigate different kinds of rocks and relate their properties and appearance to their formation.

The museum has an amazing collection of rocks, minerals and fossils including the Bristol diamond. Eager young geologists can develop their scientific skills by handling, studying and comparing different specimens.

  • Suitable for: Year 1 – 6
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Group size: Up to 35 pupils – you can book more than one session

Pupils will handle and study a range of specimens, compare and group specimens by appearance and physical properties, investigate how rocks and fossils were formed and use skills of observation and scientific thinking.

We have two sessions available at 10.15-11.15am and 11.15am-12.15pm. Further sessions may be available in the afternoon, so please ask.

Planning on having a picnic as part of your visit? Free use of our lunch room is included in the cost of your session.

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