3 September 2019—17 July 2020

Outreach: Dinosaurs in your classroom

210 million years ago Britain’s oldest dinosaur, Thecodontosaurus antiquus, walked where Bristol is now.

Children will take part in hands-on dinosaur themed activities suitable for all budding palaeontologists!

Children will:

  • Find out what a palaeontologist does.
  • Excavate and study fossils from the time of the dinosaurs
  • Discover where dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles lived and what they ate
  • Rebuild Thecodontosaurus antiquus – the Bristol dinosaur, and study dinosaur bones

Photo of the bristol dinosaur model at bristol museum

Suitable for: Reception
Duration: 1 hour
Class size: Up to 35 pupils – you can book more than one session

This in-school workshop presents an exciting opportunity for both teachers and pupils. We’ve packaged the sessions for your convenience, so that you save money when you book more than one class.

Package costs
Workshop for 1 class – £160
Workshops for 2 classes – £280
Workshops for 3 classes – £400

Currently only available for schools within Bristol.

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Available at M Shed and Bristol Museum & Art Gallery only. Complimentary use when booking a workshop. Charged at £1 per child for independent visits.

Workshops at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

For Year 1-4: We offer a Dinosaurs workshop at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery